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I realize that character generation is going to be a little difficult. Accordingly, I plan to work closely with each of you as you develop your characters. We will use the standard point-buy system from the Player’s Handbook. Start at 3rd level, with no magic items. You may purchase a reasonable amount of mundane items (please post these with your character so I may review them), and feel free to detail a modest dwelling (keep in mind that most of the people living in London only have cramped flats). Please provide, at minimum, a rudimentary background. This not only helps me introduce you to the campaign, but also helps you understand your character motivations. While combat will certainly be a feature of this campaign, be ready to roleplay! There will be some situations where violence will only earn death, and others where it will be completely inappropriate.

If you have any questions, post them here Character Creation Questions and I will respond as quickly as possible. I would like for each of you to play a balanced character that you enjoy.

The generic character generation links are done (except for some descriptions in the equipment section). Check them out and be thinking about your characters…I’d like to play soonish.



Wealth and Social Rank in the 1890’s

Weapons of the 1890’s

Equipment of the 1890’s

Travel and Communication in the 1890’s

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