Character Creation


I wanted to get some discussion started regarding character creation, but apparently Obsidian Portal has this silly rule that you (or someone in the campaign) have to pay to use the forum. So, I decided to use the Wiki to basically serve that same purpose for now. Plus, who knows… this may actually end up being a better way to document our house rules.


I gathered from the Home page that races besides human (i.e., the “lesser races”) are officially part of our alternate-1890’s world. Could you share the complete list of races that are allowed, either for use “as-is” or that we can use the abilities of but still be called human?

I would prefer everyone played a human (there are only humans in my campaign). I realize that this is not terribly exciting, and I will openly allow the use of any of the races in the Player’s Handbook (as a “human”). If you absolutely have to play a race not in the PHB, let me know and we can discuss.

As an aside, the term “lesser races” was intended to describe non-Caucasians. Social Darwinism was highly touted at this time as justification for imperialism, slavery, etc. This was merely an attempt to make my fictional world mesh with actual history. I apologize for the confusion.


I also picked up that arcane magic may play a bigger role in the world than I thought based on Sunday’s discussions. Are arcane classes allowed? I know at one time you thought that a wizard wouldn’t really be appropriate (even though a warlock or sorcerer may be), but since you talk about people devoting themselves to studying magic, would a wizard be allowed?

Considering my newer take on magic, yes, the wizard class will be allowed. In this world, magic might not be quite as “flashy” as it is in typical DnD. For example, the power Web might create a zone of quicksand or terrain that is difficult to move in (deep snow, water, mud, etc.), instead of a giant web. For the most part, arcane powers should remain relatively unchanged. Keep in mind that magic users in this world may have a more difficult time in public, facing ridicule and potential violence. An arcane character may struggle to find a balance between looking the part of a “normal” and using magic.

In general, if a person can provide reasonable class carryover (for example, shaman to tribal medicine man, battle cleric to exploring philanthropist, fighter to heavyweight boxer or ceremonial guard), I will allow the class. I want people to be able to play the character that they would like. As discussed on Sunday, classes can also be modified (primary statistic change, for example). For game balance, I would like to keep modifications to a minimum, so make sure that your class matches your character concept better than other classes. If you have questions, post them and we can discuss.

Bigga Gunz

Aside from adding guns using the rules for bows/crossbows/other ranged weapons, are any rules changing for melee or ranged combat? Or, could I elect to use a sword and pretty much make a character like normal (except for armor)? Would any of these rule changes affect magic users?

The only thing changing for melee combat is the addition of a few weapons (this will be mainly driven by the PC’s desire to use exotic or newer melee weapons). Ranged combat, except the addition of firearms, will remain unchanged. So yes, you can still play as a primarily melee class with no change (in a world where nearly everyone uses firearms, this may be an advantage). Magic users will also remain unaffected (although many more NPC’s will have means to attack them at range).


Anyone else know what they’re making yet? I’ll try to make a character that rounds out the group if everyone else has already decided.

Combat Advantage?

I’m thinking about rolling up a rogue. This being said, I am wondering about combat advantage. Assuming people are going to use firearms/other ranged abilities, how would a rogue ever obtain combat advantage other than using their few abilities that grant it to them. This will greatly impact my character choice. I am wondering if any special rules are going to be implemented for this, otherwise I might have to look into a different class.

An important point, and I thank Dustin for bringing this up. I have two options that I will present and let you decide which you like. The first is exchanging Rogue Weapon Talent for a class feature that allows you to feign in combat to gain CA. The second is a feat which will be identical or similar in nature. Before you willingly give up Rogue Weapon Talent, I was thinking about adding the +1 to hit with handguns along with daggers. For the actual feign class feature, it would be something like a Bluff vs. Insight roll to gain CA until the beginning of your next turn. It would either cost a Move or Minor action. I would like for all of you to voice your opinions, and I don’t want someone to feel that the class they chose became underpowered with my rules tweaks.

As I said about updating Rogue Weapon Talent, I am very willing to similarly change other class features to reflect the varied setting/time period of my campaign. As soon as I know what classes everyone will be playing, I can examine them and make adjustments.

Well, I think Kottman is back in town now, or will be back here shortly. We going to whip this on or what?

Indeed, Kottman is back in town. You guys need to be working on your characters…and I will work diligently on the first quest. How does next weekend look for everyone?

Character Creation

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