Wealth and Social Rank in the 1890's

Starting wealth will be based on your choice of social class (upper, middle, or lower). Each is detailed below. Please make sure that your character background meshes with your social class selection.

Upper Class Benefits

Lower Class Benefits

Upper Class

The upper class is the most wealthy, setting political, social, and fashion trends. The upper class is the only societal group with a large amount of university educated individuals. Most are prosperous, and concern themselves with ettiquite and finance, manual labor entirely anathema to them. Problems that cannot be solved via manipulation, blackmail, or friendships with other social elite are simply “fixed” with money.

A member of the upper class starts with 260£ and may choose one class benefit from the upper class benefits list.

Middle Class

The middle class is a product of the industrial revolution. They live in the shadow of the upper class, striving to attain the comfort and opulence that the elite flaunt. While the middle class may lament their social standing, they are much more fortunate than the lower class. Despite this difference, some members of the middle class once counted themselves among the lower class, and have not forgotten that harsh lifestyle.

A member of the middle class starts with 130£ and may choose two class benefits from the upper or lower class benefits lists.

Lower Class

The lower class is often considered to be the dregs of society. This is partially true, but some members of the lower class are hard working individuals with bad luck or few opportunities to progress socially. For members of the lower class, survival is difficult, with periods of starvation or homelessness common. Although they struggle through life, people of the lower class often share stronger bonds than those of other classes, and many are accustomed to perpetrating criminal acts…and eluding the police.

A member of the lower class starts with 65£ and may choose three class benefits from the lower class benefits list.

Wealth and Social Rank in the 1890's

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