Lower Class Benefits

Blackmarket Deals

You know people who can provide uncommon goods at uncommon prices.

When purchasing starting items, you may reduce the cost of any five items by 50%. You may “save” any number of these 50% discounts (for use in game). The discount can only be applied to a single item once, although it can be used up to five times on multiples of the same item (for example, the discount could be used twice to purchase two of the same item).

Life on the Streets

The harsh lifestyle of the lower class has given your body the ability to withstand the worst.

Once per day, you may add +5 to your Fortitude defense as a free action until the end of your next turn.

Proletariat Perseverance

You have learned to disregard oppresive Victorian standards.

Once per day, you may automatically succeed on a save to end an ongoing effect.

Special: This benefit may not be taken if you have selected either Patrician Resolve or Stiff Upper Lip as one of your class benefits.

Rogue’s Luck

You have a surprisingly steady relationship with Lady Luck.

Once per day, you may re-roll any d20 roll. You must accept the second result, regardless of the outcome.

Survival of the Fittest

Through bouts with malnutrition and starvation, your body has learned to persist under the most detrimental situations.

Once per day, you may use your Second Wind twice in one encounter, but only once per round. Each use of Second Wind expends one healing surge. The bonus to defenses provided by expending a Second Wind applies to both uses of the power.

Underworld Connections

You have one or more acquaintances who have access to unique sources of information.

Once per day, you may add +10 to a Streetwise roll to gather information. You must decide to use this benefit before making the roll, however, you do not have to be trained in Streetwise to use this benefit.

Lower Class Benefits

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