I am only adding six feats to the already lengthy list of existing 4E feats. In a Victorian campaign, I realize that some of the feats will be obsolete (such as the Channel Divinity feats).

Feign Death

You can deceive people into believing that you are dead. You can also slow down your life functions to conserve energy or avoid suffocation.

Benefit: You must succeed on a DC 15 Constitution check to enter a cataleptic state (sustainable for 1 hour). If you exceed the check by 10 or more, you may remain in a cataleptic state for a number of hours equal to your Constitution. A DC 30 Heal or Perception check is required to detect that your character is still alive.

Special: This feat reduces the DC for your suffocation Endurance check by 5 (each round). In addition, you double the amount of time it would normally take for you to start making Endurance checks for suffocation (typically six minutes instead of three).

Melee Pistol Training

You are able to use pistols effectively in close combat.

Prerequisite: Dexterity 15

Benefit:You can use pistols to make melee attacks without incuring the Opportunity Attack from using a ranged weapon while adjacent to an enemy.

Special: This feat allows pistols to be used to make attacks that require certain weapon types (such as the requirement for a Rogue to use a light blade).


You have training in one or more unarmed fighting styles.

Benefit: When making unarmed attacks, you gain a +2 proficiency and your damage increases to 1d6.

Rapid Reload

You are accustomed to quickly reloading firearms, significantly reducing the time it takes to perform these actions.

Benefit: A handgun or longarm with the Load Minor property changes to have the Load Free property, a handgun or longarm with the Load Std property changes to have the Load Minor property, and a handgun or longarm with the Load MMS property changes to have the Load Std property. This feat does not affect the number of cartridges/shells that a handgun or longarm can hold.


You have the ability to smoothly and quickly adapt to any social situation.

Prerequisite: Charisma 13

Benefit: You receive a +5 feat bonus to Bluff and Diplomacy checks when interacting socially in familiar cultures. In unfamiliar cultures, this bonus is reduced to +2.

Speed Reading

You can read any language you know with astonishing speed.

Prerequisite: Intelligence 13

Benefit: You can read five times faster than an average person (for example, a page that would normally take one minute to read, can be read in 12 seconds).


Murder by Gaslight: A Victorian Era Campaign acarson18